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Ball bearings, Roller bearings, Slewing bearings, Rollers, V-belts, Housings, Pulleys, Bushes, Adapter Sleeves, Withdrawal Sleeves Germany, Poland, PL, Czech Republic, CZ, Austria, Switzerland, CH, Italien, Frankreich, Großbritannien, Niederlande, Rest Europa USA, China, Adapter sleeves, Assembly tools, Mounting tools, Fitting tools, Ball bearings, Balls, Bearing accessories
Bearing greases, Lubricants, Bearings, Bushings, Cam followers, Cam rollers, Guide rollers, Curve rollers, CARB bearings
Chain wheels, Chains, Drive chains, conveyor chains, Circlips, Couplings (torsionally flexible), Cylindrical roller bearings
Deep-groove ball bearings, Drawing bearings, Drawing parts, Fasteners, Flange bearings, Freewheels, Gear racks, Heating devices, Housings  
Since its foundation in 1992, MBT Maschinenbauteile Scholze has evolved into a strong trading enterprise in the field of bearings and drive technology.
Customer loyalty and long-standing business relations to distinguished manufacturers and trading companies through-out the world provide a solid basis for our successful development. As a consequence of increasing trade relations with foreign business partners, SIE Scholze-Import-Export was founded as a partner company of MBT in 2001. SIE allows us to complement our range of products with international brands and thus to better respond to the specific needs of our customers.
SIE Scholze-Import-Export
On 3,000 square meters of floor space, we keep some 40,000 different items in stock at anytime. Up-to-date software solutions, stockage according to our customers’ needs and the great variety of our products guarantee maximum reliability and adherence to delivery dates.
Inner rings, Large size bearings, Linear guidance systems, Linear bushings, Lock nuts, Locking assemblies, Loctite, Lubricating nipples
Adapter sleeve, Assembly tool, Mounting tool, Fitting tool, Ball bearing, Ball, Bearing accessory
Bearing grease, Lubricant, Bearing, Bushing, Cam follower, Cam roller, Guide roller, Curve roller, CARB bearing, Chain wheel
  Chain, Drive chain, conveyor chain, Circlip, Coupling, Cylindrical roller bearing, Deep-groove ball bearing, Drawing bearing, Drawing part Fastener, Flange bearing, Freewheel, Gear rack, Heating device, Housing, Inner ring, Large size bearing, Linear guidance system, Linear bushing